The Ra Material – To Be Clear

To be clear, the Ra Material is not the Law of One. The Law of One, did not come from The Ra Material. The Ra Material is the result of an experiment.

The experiment followed years of research led by Don Elkins, in the areas of UFO related sighting accounts, mediumship, seances, healing, and alternative dimensional experiences, involving numerous and unconnected people.

The Ra Material – Origins

The researchers directly involved have always claimed integrity, openness, and transparency, in their intentions and dealings. The accumulated sum of their research, culminated in the idea, decision, and agreement, to intentionally attempt contact with a higher-dimensional consciousness and to record those findings. Subsequently, LL Research held 106 recorded sessions or conversations, occurring weekly to around 10 days apart, with Don Elkins – a Physics Professor and reported UFO investigator, Carla Rueckert – with reported experience of mediumship and channelling, and Jim McCarty – who transcribed the sessions. The Trio of these members of LL Research, and the conversations that followed between them and the claimed energy consciousness of Ra, is The Ra Material.

There has been reference and acknowledgement from the researchers that at some point Carla had partook in the use of LSD. This is also referenced by the claimed entity Ra as it was noticed that it was the cause of her significant fatigue in at least one of the sessions. A further concern was because the use of the psychedelic had created a whole in Carla’s auric field, it opened up access for inorganic entities to access her energetic field of consciousness. Such entities are extremely accomplished in their tactics to facilitate their own agendas and so many do not even realise when they have connected to such highly deceptive, efficient and manipulative spirit entities. At least one of the sessions has been acknowledged to have been cut short because of concerns for Carla’s well-being.

The lengths the trio went to in order to prepare emotionally and energetically are apparent, and surely suggest care and attention, albeit also potentially odd, excessive, and questionable to many. The Ra Material contains information in accordance with the Law of One sacred teachings, it is nevertheless made up of questions posed and answers provided and therefore limited accordingly. It is not the Law of One as such, or the origin of The Law of One, nor is LL Research the home of the Law of One. To think, claim, or assume otherwise, would be to do so in error. The Law of One sacred knowledge is millions of years old and The Law of One sacred knowledge used to be known and practised by all humans, it belongs to all people.

What Is The Ra Material?

So, The Ra Material is a series of sessions making up 106 recorded and documented conversations. It is part of the work of LL Research conducted between Don Elkins – a Physics Professor, Carla Rueckert – who channelled the responses and words of a different dimensional entity consciousness claimed as Ra, and Jim McCarty – the transcriber.

The work was carried out, transcribed, and collated compiled and was produced by LL Research group between 1981 and 1984.

The energetic consciousness entity named Ra states that they are a sixth-density social memory complex that formed on Venus about 2.6 billion years ago. We are informed that they are “humble messengers of the Law of One” and that previous attempts to spread this message in Egypt was met with mixed results…

The Ra Material – Books

The Books are called ‘The Ra Material‘. Books I-IV were published between 1982 and 1984. Book V was published in 1998. All Books are still in print and available in the public domain, as are the audio books. They can be freely downloaded from the LL Research library

Book I – Contains an extremely lengthy introduction in which each of the participants involved explain who they are, their intentions, their connection with each other, considerations in relation to objectivity and conclusions that may be drawn, and the methods used in the process of their research.

The rest of Book 1 are the exact transcripts from the first 1-26 audio recordings of the conversations with the entity claiming to be Ra.

Book II – Contains the sessions 27-43 and 46-50. Sessions 44 and 45 were omitted at the time as they were deemed to be either controversial or private.

Book III – Contains sessions 51-75.

Book IV – Contains sessions 76-97 and 99, 100, and 103. Sessions 98, 101, 102, 104, 105, and 106, were omitted at the time as again they were deemed to be either controversial or private.

Book V – Contains the sessions omitted from Books I-IV, along with additional commentary from the participants.

As will all knowledge, the reader should very carefully apply their own inner guided discernment in order to determine where the energetic quality of words and messages fall.

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