Body Brilliant

The Human Body is truly incredible, it is engineering perfection. It is an example of both the complexity and simplicity of a perfectly balanced eco system, and is fully designed and aligned to function and sustain itself in growth, protection, and expansion.

The Body

Whilst we all have some general knowledge of the biology of the Human Body here are some things that you might not have known.

  • We each have a unique set of tongue prints
  • There are approximately seven octillion Atoms that make up the Human Body – that’s a 7, with 27 noughts after it
  • The Body produces 25,000,000 new cells per second
  • There are more than 100,000 miles of blood vessels in each body
  • The Human Lung’s surface area is about the size of half a football pitch
  • The acid in the stomach is so strong that it could burn through our bare hands and even melt some metals. To avoid literally digesting itself, the stomach creates a new lining around every three days
  • Steel is super strong but weight for weight, human bones are stronger
  • The percentage of salt in our blood is the same percentage as the amount of salt in the ocean
  • When awake, the brain produces enough electricity to light a lightbulb., and the heart produces thousands of times more
  • We are Bio-luminescent, we emit light, some can see it, some can’t

But the Body is more than these things. It has a much higher purpose, and it has many aspects to it.

What Goes In, Must Come Out

Depending on what we put in our body, determines what we get out of it. On a basic level we can see the evidence of this from the foods we eat, the drinks we consume, other things like recreational and pharmaceutical drugs, but also our thoughts, words, and emotions.

Everything has a corresponding energetic frequency and vibration, and everything that goes in our body gets processed differently, in all kinds of weird and wonderful combinations, and with an array of results. On a quantum level, we get into the realms of cellular regeneration, rogue cellular activity, and all kinds of related internal and external physical and energetic entanglement.

Be Careful What You Think About and Speak About

Thoughts and words matter because on a chemical level, they produce an associated reaction in our bodies. On an energetic level, they produce a corresponding emotion. How and what we think about and how and what we speak about, determines whether these reactions are healthy or unhealthy for us.

When they are unhealthy and if left unaddressed they can cause blockages in our energetic field and even manifest in physical form as a state of physical dis-ease and further develop into chronic dis-ease. Conversely, when they are healthy, this affects the states of our mental, emotional, physical, and energetic health in positive ways. Because the causes and consequences correspond directly in our energetic field it is important to understand the cause and effects of what is happening, how thoughts create physical manifestations. This begins with an understanding of what we are, what a human is capable of.

Multidimensional Humanitarians

Essentially we are Pure Energy Consciousness. We exist on planet Earth as a physical representation of our energetic consciousness self that is also existing in different energetic representations of consciousness, in multiple dimensions, simultaneously.

The combined energetic consciousness bodies that are existing on the planet through all the different densities are also facets of both the future timelines and the Light Body of the planet. The earth consciousness body correlates directly in all the Harmonic Universes and is interconnecting with the human consciousness, which is its physical embodiment in different densities.

We need to understand that we are multi-dimensional beings, and what this actually means, we need to understand that there are multi dimensional aspects of ourselves, and what they actually are,

In addition to the physical body, there are other aspects of ourselves existing in different states of consciousness in different densities and dimensions, simultaneously. These are the Soul, Monad, and Avatar Bodies, each of which hold three sets of consciousness levels relative to the dimensional spheres they are in and which are facets of the microcosmic and macrocosmic Tree of Life.

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