Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction that surfaced in the public domain over the last decade or so, has become a skewed narrative of the true purpose and intentions behind it and is thereby often misunderstood. Manifesting without the proper foundation, understanding, and application of the Law of One, has only served to add to the chaos and the dissonant strategy designed to delay an individual from their objective and purpose, rather than to assist it.

Service To Self, Service To One

Don’t pray for money, pray for release from the negative implants that present as a lack mentality. No human being should be subjected to lack of anything nor judge or be judged especially according to their financial status. This sort of belief system is an endemic mind control strategy in the struggle over human consciousness, it’s an illusion, and it has no bearing on a soul’s true wealth. This is relative to the extent of a person’s understanding of externalizing.

Using any of the Universal Laws whether in Service to Self or in Service to One, will always yield a manifestation at some point but in appropriately varying type and degree, because this in itself is a Universal Law – the Law of Cause and Effect. Whatever the integrity of the energy used in any manifestation, is the corresponding return manifest and corresponding energetic force that it will be received in. We need to be very clear on this.

Universal Laws

The Law of Attraction is the modern combined version of other Universal Laws of The Law of Correspondence, and The Law of Cause and Effect.

The Law of Attraction holds the belief that based on the process of like energy attracting like energy, a person can improve their own health, wealth, and personal relationships. However, in order to manifest in accordance with Universal Laws correctly, we need to be clear about what is positive energy and what is negative energy and what we are really giving our consent to. This may seem obvious at a glance but if manifesting isn’t going great, something in our understanding is missing.

Most people want to understand the differences between negative and positive forces to determine what and how these forces will return and manifest in our lives. If we are unaware, uncaring, or unable to determine the difference between negative and positive forces, things are likely going to go awry and be disappointing, at best. To understand these different forces, we need to understand Causality.

Keep these three key points in mind:

  • Positive actions will bring about positive results
  • Negative actions will bring about negative results
  • Our actions will bring about our own results

Positive Causes lead to Positive Outcomes

Whilst a Positive Cause will generate a Positive Outcome, we might not see this as a specific event. This is because we should not be trying to control the outcome of a specific event. This is because it is not for us to decide what an outcome should be, as this is considered interference with synchronicity and essentially that interference will only attract more interference, this is how the Laws works.

Say you are going to a party and you want to manifest a good time. That’s fine, but when we start to manipulate events as to what that good time looks like, what should happen and with who, then interference has just been created. This is because what we think we want that will make us happy, is not always the case. Again, its not for us to decide this as there are too many unknowns involved.

Say you are going to take your driving test and want to manifest a Pass. That’s fine, but when we start to manipulate how that should play out, say for example that we are not going to make any mistakes, the instructor is in a great mood, the weather is fine, the roads are not busy, or whatever and so on, again, this is interference. It may be that you do make some errors, the instructor is in a foul mood, and the traffic is awful. Yet if we have not tried to manipulate conditions with our thoughts, there is no interference, so other things unbeknown to us beforehand, play out, and these are the events that lead us to Pass the driving test regardless.

The idea is that we use our feelings when we are manifesting and the energy of those feelings will equate to a physical result of the same energetic frequency. We just have to have faith in the process and let the Law play out. The objective really is not much to do with thinking about the actual details of what we think we want but instead to focus on positive behaviours and actions with genuinely positive intentions behind them, because the more positivity we generate, the more positivity will be presented to us, be that through people, places, or opportunities.

Negative Causes lead to Negative Outcomes

If negative outcomes are happening repeatedly it’s because they are coming from negative causes. Say you are miserable in your job and want to manifest a new job. If you start manifesting by thinking and picturing a new job when in a miserable mood created by your current job, although you will probably manifest a new job, likely it will present circumstances equivalent to the quality of energy of the manifestation and you will be just as unhappy in the new job, just for a different set of reasons…

When faced with a repeating pattern of negative events, this is a sign that we need to really look at our behaviour in other areas to figure out what negative forces or causes are creating the problems. If the answer is unknown, then the cause must be something which we think and probably truly believe is positive, but is in fact a negative cause. That means putting in even more work to figure out which belief system we are holding and have mistaken as positive and which needs to be outed. This is usually what is behind prolonged failed manifestations when using The Law of Attraction.

That being said, also consider that belief does play a huge part in manifesting. Intertwined with what has been covered in relation to causation is that if all other boxes have been ticked and we are satisfied and certain that the causation behind the desired manifestation is positive, then it’s possible that someone else’s belief that opposes ours is stronger than ours. On some level conscious or otherwise and no matter how small, if we believe someone else’s opinion more than our own, it reverts the causation back into a negative based force, and will derail our manifestation too.

All this considered, know manifesting is real and in fact natural, we are doing it all the time, this is kind of the whole point, The key, is to understanding the causations preceding the manifestations in order to co-create them with the right energetic quality. We manifest successfully when we truly believe and know our cause is positive in our heart and in the pit of your stomach, and we don’t let other people’s beliefs overrule our own.

Above all remember to speak the right language. It is our feelings and their corresponding energy that will tell us if we are on the right track or not by whether they make us feel good or not. We should develop and cultivate a deep awareness of the thoughts we are having, their connection with how feel and whether they are based in positivity or negativity. If we keep in mind Service to Others based outcomes rather than Service to Self, it becomes easy to discern if our thoughts are helping us or hindering us and if we need to adapt them. This in turn will ensure the quality of the energy generated by our thoughts and thereby bringing in the best manifestation results.

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